J-Scar (phoenix39) wrote,

Diamond Candles

Has anyone ever tried Diamond Candles? If not, they sell candles, natural, soy, big, strong scented, long lasting candles and inside every candle is a ring valued from $10-5,000 dollars! I got one and even though it's a cheaper ring, it's still gorgeous! For $24.95 + SH, you get the candle with a ring in it. Think about it, how much do you spend on candles? How much do you spend on jewelry? This is a deal!

Right now, however, there are no ring candles available, but they do update about every week, so check back in a couple days, view their site, watch their videos, look around, and then once they post some candles (they sell about 10,000 per week), snag one! They also have smaller candles, which cost less and have no ring if you just want a good smelling candle for a quick gift or something.

View their website and get 20% off by clicking here because they have a refer a friend program: http://my.cndl.es/x/IuimUO
Tags: diamond candles
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